Funny Business: a little comedy can go a long way.


Last Monday night I found myself in the heart of Boston at the Back Bay Social Club for a book launch party.

Yes, a book launch.

You may be thinking, who the heck do I know that I would get invited to a book launch. Well, the answer to that question is my step-brother, Bill Connolly. If you don’t know Bill, you also don’t know that he is considered a marketer, career advisor, personal branding expert, AND a comedian. Bill’s work has appeared on mediums like The New York Times Online and Yahoo!. Bill has also presented to companies such as NASA and TJX about branding strategies. Along with all that, Bill also hosts a radio show called Funny Business, writes a food blog called Cooking for Bill (which is hilarious), and his latest endeavor was the launch of his book, also titled Funny Business. If all that isn’t impressive enough, he is only 25 years old. If you want to read more about Bill or check out his website, go to

Anyway, Bill just released his book titled Funny Business, and I was able to attend the launch party in Boston. In a nutshell, Funny Business is about taking elements that Bill has learned throughout his improv comedy career and using them in a business setting. Not only does the book give advice to be applied in a business setting, but also throughout life in general. At the book launch party, Bill iterated three points that he felt the book encompassed most. In a combination of his words and my thoughts on them, I present Bill’s three points:

1. Fail Big

Not the average advice you would expect to hear from someone who is so successful. Basically, you aren’t going to get to where you want unless you set larger-than-life goals and fail along the way to achieving them. Failures will teach you things you wouldn’t otherwise learn if you hadn’t failed.

2. Do Stuff

Get out there and DO STUFF. A fairly simple concept, but so many people don’t do anything! The only way you’re going to get where you want to be is if you actually do something about it!

3. Never Take Life Too Seriously

In the business world, as well as life in general, people always seem so uptight. Loosen up! Relax! You only live life once, don’t be so serious all the time! Sure, there are appropriate times to be serious, but it doesn’t need to be 24/7!

For more on these points, my only piece of advice is to buy the book!

Bill is an awesome guy, and I look forward to seeing what else he does in the future. Again, if you want to learn more about Bill or get in contact with him, check out his site!




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