Customer service: Why it matters.

Customer service. It seems like a fairly simple concept. Keep your customers happy and they will return. So many companies lack it, but those who pride themselves in definitely stand out.

In the past few months I have interacted with various companies and restaurants and have kept note of what companies had GREAT customer service. These are companies that actually deserve your time and money. My findings are noted below:

American Eagle Clothing Company:


Recently I had a problem with a pair of shorts I purchased at American Eagle. I wrote the company an e-mail from an address on their website describing my problem, and they promptly responded within a day. To my surprise, they offered a full refund or exchange if I brought the pair of shorts in with their response printed out. I mean, you can’t really beat this type of response. They could have simply shrugged the complaint off and said “we’re sorry”. Instead they  kept a customer happy and will be sure to get some good publicity out of it (as they are through this post).

Customer Service Rating: 9/10

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers:


A few months ago my friends and I decided to try a new Red Robin that was recently constructed near us. The place always looked crowded and busy, so I had high hopes. I was WRONG.

The lack of attention to our table was inexcusable. I understand it was busy, but waiting 20 minutes for a drink refill is ridiculous (especially when they advertise their fancy drinks to come with unlimited free refills). The food wasn’t bad, when it finally got to us. When it came time for dessert, we all ordered frappes (or milkshakes if you aren’t from New England) for the road. The frappes got back to us in half-filled cups, like someone made one frappe and split it in 3 different cups. The place was a nightmare.

Later that night, I provided some feedback on their website. Within about a week, I received a response in which a representative wanted my mailing address so they would be able to send me a $25.00 gift card so I would give the restaurant another shot. I was amazed!

I did go back and give it another shot and it was better another time around. This was a great example of customer service, but I have to admit I have never been back since the free meal….

Maybe if they send me another gift card, I would return (hint hint).

Customer Service Rating: 8.8/10

Chipotle Mexican Grill:


Since I am currently employed at said establishment, I can attest to the great detail of customer service that the company prides itself on. Maintaining speed and quality through your whole ordering process is important to Chipotle. Through my time at Chipotle, I have found that it is not always possible to please every customer.

I have seen ridiculous complaints, and I mean ridiculous, that customers have made. For example, “not having the right color tomatoes” or that “one chip in my bag of chips has WAY MORE salt on it than all of the others” have been complaints that I have had to deal with. As absurd as these complaints are, they are all taken seriously. 9 times out of 10, Chipotle will offer you replacements for your food or they will send you a free burrito card in the mail. This is a great policy taken up by Chipotle, but I fear they are too careless and sometimes give away free meals just to hush people up. Not every complaint deserves free food.

Anyway, Chipotle doesn’t mess around with customer satisfaction. They value their customer approval.

Customer Service Rating: 9/10

If you have a beef with a company, let them know. If they are smart, they will do something to fix it (which will probably include you getting a refund or free food. Can’t beat that). If not, then they will lost a customer and word will spread like wildfire about how bad their customer service was. Don’t waste your time at companies who don’t care about you. They don’t deserve your money (this is especially crucial when you’re a broke college student such as myself).



4 responses to “Customer service: Why it matters.

  1. I worked for AE for a few years and have worked at many other companies. American Eagle had some of the best customer service practices I have ever encountered as an employee and as a customer. I was proud to be part of the team because you could always leave your customers happy!

  2. Sam Adams

    Got a bad 12 pack sampler, wrote the company about it, got a full refund check in the mail


  3. I think you’re being too nice to Red Robins. The way how you described your past situation with the waitress seems pretty awful, but to give the place nearly a 9/10 just because they gave you a $25 gift certificate doesn’t mean you should give said place a near perfect score. To be frank, you should have at least gave the place a 6/10 due to their lack of attention towards your table, but also for their generosity of giving you a $25 gift card Per se, if I had the similar situation as you and didn’t get a $25 gift card, the place would have gotten an easy 3/10.

    • You may be right, I am being too nice.

      I would have given them a lower score if it were an overall rating of the restaurant, but I am evaluating their customer service.

      They did an excellent job with their reply and they even overnighted (sp?) a Fed Ex package with the gift card to me to get it to me ASAP. They did an excellent job to try to get me to change my opinion of them.

      If I were evaluating the restaurant overall, it would have been a lower score for sure.

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