How “factual” is The Conjuring?

A little while back I posted a review after seeing The Conjuring. As I noted near the end of the post, I started to do a little follow up to see how credible the “based on a true story” claim actually was. Here is what I found:

The So-called Facts:

1. The Perron family claims that most of what was portrayed in the film was not too far off from the truth.

According to numerous sites such as The Week and CBS, members of the Perron family have claimed that what was shown in the movie is fairly accurate, with the exception of some Hollywood exaggeration of course. Scenes where family members would see figures and ghosts in the house are claimed to be true by the Perron family. Now, take it how you will, I know there are believers and skeptics out there, but who knows the truth.

Scenes with the ghost boy, the witch, and various other unseen ghosts are all claimed to be true to an extent. The fact that all of those things shown in the film are “true” (and I use that word lightly throughout this post) is extremely disturbing. I do have some friends that have claimed to have experienced some paranormal events, and I do believe them, but the stories I have heard have been nothing like this movie.

2. The Warren’s were “real” proclaimed demonologists.

When the Warren’s were introduced in the film I immediately assumed they were tools used to simply add some complexion into the film and get things moving along. With a little research, some true information came up about the Warrens. Currently Ed is no longer living and Lorraine is still around occasionally appearing on talk shows and giving speeches about her paranormal past. They have investigated “hauntings” like the Amityville Horror, the Poltergeist, and The Haunting in CT. Most of these “investigations” inspired the movies or books. Although these pieces of work may be filled with fiction, some parts were true. For example, the “Annabelle doll” in the movie was actually real. Sure, it didn’t look as scary as it did in the movie, but in my opinion its still pretty creepy…


The real Lorraine Warren and the Annabelle doll.

So, take it how you will, whether the stories are true or not, the movie was entertaining nonetheless. If you missed the review, check it out! If you want to continue to do some research of your own, check out some of the links I posted and go from there. I find this kind of stuff somewhat interesting, but most of it is probably B.S.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, GET ON THAT.



4 responses to “How “factual” is The Conjuring?

  1. Great post! It is very true, that many ‘true’ horror stories were often just someone getting freaked out and then getting someone to write a book or film about it. I think the silliest one where I have seen an example of this was in ‘A Haunting Connecticut 2″ which is basically just based on the true story of a six year old who had an imaginary friend..

    • I agree! That movie was awful! The whole “based on a true story” is just a marketing scheme… although it does make you wonder at times…

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