Taylor Swift may put on the best concerts… Period.


So I went to Taylor Swift’s Speak Now tour at Gillette Stadium two summers ago, and journeyed back there this year for her Red Tour.

I know what you’re probably thinking right now…

You know what, Taylor’s awesome. There were plenty of guys there… Judge me all you want, I’m not sorry. You can be totally straight and like female singers who talk about love and the feels.

I didn’t know if Taylor could top the last time I saw her. Well… She kinda did. The set pieces and lights were amazing. And so… Much… Red. Like srsly, red had everywhere. The lights, the outfits, the confetti, everything.

Swift played most of her Red album, and a few from her past albums. Unfortunately for your’s truly, she didn’t play my favorite song from Speak Now or Fearless.; but she did play my favorite from her self titled first album.

One thing I liked a lot is she would have these great monologues in between songs here and there and then it would lead into the next song. Also the little montage before she sang, “22,” was awesome.

The most ridiculous portion of the show was when, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” came on. I literally thought I was at a Skrillex concert for a moment… It was actually absurd.

Taylor also loves Boston. She loves our spirit from the last concert when it down poured on us and we stayed, and in spite of recent events, she admires just how strong Boston is. YES TAYLOR. WE ARE THE BEST.

To sum up the concert, it was honestly a spectacle. A lot of emotion from Swift, especially when she WENT OFF during, “All Too Well.” I’m very happy I went to see her a second time and I consider my money well spent.

If you went to the concert last night, I hope you had as memorable a night as I did, and if you are going tonight, you’re in for quite the trip… Sparks will most definitely fly.



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