World War Z = I am Legend (starring Brad Pitt)


Have you seen the movie I am Legend?

Oh, you have?

Ok, well now imagine that same movie, but put Brad Pitt in Will Smith’s place, change the way the zombies look and then you have World War Z. Sure, these movies are not identical but they have similar traits. They both feature some kind of virus outbreak that creates a zombie horde, they both feature a protagonist with some kind of military background, and they are both based off books.

This is not to say that World War Z was not a good movie. Sure, you could pick it apart from a critical point of view by looking at the camera angles, the plot, and the acting, but you could do that to any movie. If you go into the movie realizing it is a zombie movie (and I do realize zombie movies aren’t for everyone), you will be entertained and you will appreciate it. 

World War Z makes use of the stereotypical jumpy horror scenes as well as suspense to pull you into situations throughout the movie. At times, it may be a tad unrealistic, but it is a Hollywood movie so what do you expect? If you enjoyed I am Legend  or 28 Days Later, you will be sure to enjoy World War Z. It is essentially 28 Days Later on steroids.


One thing that did bug me however was the ending.

(No spoilers here, I promise!)

The film starts to draw everything to a close and then it just ends. It literally stops on a single frame of the scene and ends. At least fade to black or something. For a second I thought the projector froze. I was expecting something more to happen rather then where they just left it.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

If you are looking for an entertaining and well done zombie movie, definitely check out World War Z. 

If you are looking for a cinematic masterpiece, keep looking. 



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