How to deal with trolls

When you have such a high profile on the world wide web as myself (JOKE), you are bound to come across trolls. Just incase you aren’t aware of what a troll is, here is the definition as according to Urban Dictionary:

“One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument”

With that said, I have come to a pretty solid conclusion on how to deal with trolls. The best remedy is to simply ignore them. By ignoring them, they look extremely foolish and childish. By you not even acknowledging their comments or presence, their goal at causing some kind of argument has failed and they look like a fool. As a result, the joke is on them.

Take the following for example:


This just happened a few minutes ago and by not responding to it, no attention is drawn to it (although this post may defeat the purpose of that). The perpetrator (the name has been blurred as to not call anyone out) just looks like a bully. Also, notice the improper use of the word “then“. I think he probably was trying to use the word “than”.

Troll: 0

Blogger: 1

This is not to say I don’t think trolling isn’t funny. It just has its proper time, place, and setting.

Anyways, hope everyone’s Tuesday is going well!



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