I HATE facial hair


Bravo, Gillette, bravo.

Just the other day I was thinking to myself how much I hate facial hair and when I checked the mail that day I found a package addressing just that concern. It seems the shaving company, Gillette, recently sent out a mass amount of free razors in the mail. These free razors targeted 18 year olds as they wish a happy 18th birthday on the front of the package.


The package design is witty and clever and will most certainly be more attention grabbing than all the other junk mail one receives. With the little info-graphics telling you will get more female suitors or that you will get more double takes, the package is perfect for the target audience. Great job to whoever thought of this idea!


Anyway, back to my point. I HATE facial hair. I can’t stand when there is even the tiniest bit of hair on my face. I am not a hobo, bigfoot, or a wild animal. I like to be clean shaven and well kept. Perhaps one day I will actually grow out facial hair and see what it looks like, but for now I can’t go two days without shaving. It just doesn’t feel right.

Reed on the other hand, has a new arrangement of facial hair pretty much every time I see him and will probably completely disagree with this post. The kid probably needs to shave every 4 hours in order to maintain a clean shaven face. This isn’t a problem for Reed though because he rocks the facial hair and has fun doing it and thats all that matters.

Once again, nice job Gillette with the advertising. If the day comes that I actually have facial hair, I’ll be sure to let you know…. not that you care anyways.




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