Friends with benefits is a terrible idea.


I’m gonna be about as blunt as it gets. IT’S A TERRIBLE IDEA.

You and your hot friend might be single and you say, “Oh let’s just hook up a little bit! No emotion!” You think it’ll be fine and that you two can

A) Keep it from your friends

B) Keep your feelings out of it.

So it’s going great for a few weeks, and you’re having so much fun. You think to yourself, “This is awesome! I’m getting it, I’m happy, and no one knows!”

Then you slip up by accident and say something that blows your cover. Your friends find out and one of them probably chews you out and you wanna punch her in the face and you accuse her of being jealous. Your guy friends may not care that much. Bros love when their bros are getting it.

The dust settles and your back hopping on the good foot to do the bad thing. But then you wake up one morning and think to yourself, “Crap, I love her.” Now your emotionally compromised and you’re gonna keep it from her because you don’t want the party to stop.

THEN, just when you think it’s all said and done and you’re on easy street. She hooks up with someone at a random party. You have no right to get mad at her because, remember, this is an emotionless fling. You are now a mess for the next six months and the girl who was once your best friend is probably nothing now because you thought with the wrong head.

So I’ll say it again. FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA. Someone always gets hurt. Odds are it’s not gonna end up like the end of Friends with Benefits (2011). You don’t look like JT or Mila Kunis. Just spare yourself the eventual misery and wait it out for someone genuine that you can have a clean slate with.

Some people will get into these things because they are just tired of waiting for someone to come around. They want to rush into anything so they just feel wanted in any way shape or form. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s worth the wait. That special someone is on their way. and they’re getting here as fast as they can. (That was a quote from How I Met Your Mother. Best show ever. Period)

Sorry if this post was really, for lack of a better term, lame. Just had to get my thoughts on digital paper. I’m not sorry….



One response to “Friends with benefits is a terrible idea.

  1. Interesting Take on the subject.

    I have to agree that generally these situations don’t turn out too well. A few thoughts though.

    You said that you tried to keep the relationship from your friends. Look, if you really have to keep anything you are doing from your friends then you are either doing something you should think twice about or you need to get new friends. So that looks like your first mistake.

    Second, it also sounds like you two weren’t entirely on the same page about the whole thing. If an arrangement like this is going to go down without any damage then both parties need to know exactly how they feel, what the “rules” are, and what the relationship means to each of them. Then if any feelings develop, they need to be communicated right away so that a new arrangement can be decided upon, whether that is to return to being friends, or get more serious as a couple, or maybe end the friendship entirely, who knows?

    I recognize the above scenario is probably pretty unlikely, so like you said, I wouldn’t encourage everybody to get down with their close friend. But just some things to consider.

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