Cuddling: The worst invention ever


I said I would do this and I think it’s high time I got my thoughts out on paper… or electronic paper for that matter.

I got a lot of backlash from friends when I mentioned that cuddling was a terrible thing in one of my previous posts. And I just want to clarify that maybe I didn’t choose my words too wisely.

I don’t HATE cuddling. There’s just a time and a place for it and often times women think that any time is the right time.

Example of good time to cuddle: If my significant other and I are watching a film. 9/10 times I will be down to cuddle. As long as my focus isn’t taken away from the cinematic adventure if I haven’t seen the movie before.

Example of bad time to cuddle: If I’m trying to sleep. Like let’s not beat around the bush. If I’m at a soiree and my significant other is there and we are staying the night, odds are we will find a bedroom in the house to crash in. This is a word to the wise for all women who may potentially (and maybe even unfortunately) date me: DO NOT TOUCH ME IF I AM TRYING TO SLEEP. I can’t like be in contact with you. It’s like sleeping next to an oven. I wake up in a sweat and usually my arm is contorted in some way and both my hands are asleep. It’s just a terrible situation and I can’t see it being more pleasant for women.

So basically I’m down to “cuddle” or be in contact with my significant other if I am not sleeping or preoccupied with something else. But DON’T TOUCH ME IF I’M TRYING TO SLEEP. It’s nothing against you, I just need my space to sprawl out and not worry bout hurting you or myself.

Am I an awful person? Probably. Oh well… yolo?



3 responses to “Cuddling: The worst invention ever

  1. Reed, I’ve known you a long time and I’ve taught you a lot of stuff so I might need to school you some more… Cuddling, in college, is positively dreadful even if you life the girl. You’re on this tiny ass bad, girls hair in your face, and you can’t turn around without waking her up, god forbid. Once you get out of college and you have a bed that isn’t terrible its not so bad. It serves 2 purposes. 1: To get laid and 2: to keep a girl happy cause she just gave you the business. When you like the girl you don’t mind doing it as much but you do it until you can roll away and sleep.

    • K Zelda, I’m not entirely sure who you are; but read my blog in response to this one and you’ll see that I am subject to change my opinion. I very much so appreciate your input and I thank you for your comment!

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