Backlash is a beach.


So yeah like not even an hour after I posted the cuddling page, I got texts and facebook comments either questioning me, making fun of me, or telling me I’m an idiot. Shout out to Drew’s girlfriend for telling me her guy friends thought I was spot on.

Like the  title of our blog says, “We’re not sorry.” I post things that are on my mind and don’t really care what people think. But I will tell you that maybe my opinion will change in the not so immediate future.

One of my friends on a random car ride had this conversation with me. And she told me maybe I just haven’t met the person who makes me feel this way that I think is, “Weird.” Perhaps she is right. I mean I’ve been in what, three relationships? Four if you count middle school? I’m only 20 years old and I have barely begun my life as a young adult. Maybe one day I will change my opinion on the matter and if that day comes, I will be sure to blog about it (Assuming this blog still stands… I’m sure it will).

Or maybe I’m just a terrible human being.

Maybe I should stick to movie reviews? Who knows. I do have to pick up the slack since Drew’s across the pond.

Until then, my opinion still stands. Cuddling is good for just chilling and hanging around; but don’t touch me when I’m sleeping.



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