Yeezus review


Look, you ask me which rapper I’d take at first pick, I’m gonna take Kanye West any day of the week. Do I hate Jay-Z? Absolutely not. I just prefer Kanye more, personally. I don’t know, I just like his words and beats more than Jay-Z’s. To each his own, right? I’ve been expressing this from day one, that this blog is solely based on opinion and Drew and I don’t think we are better than you… Even though we kinda are.

So yeah, Kanye West has released a new album and it’s titled Yeezus, which is his sixth solo album. After listening to it a few times, I gotta say, I really enjoyed this album. It’s a lot darker than his previous album from 2010, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It combines electronic with the traditional industrial music feel that we have all come to know and love with West’s previous albums.

I didn’t really do research on why West called the album Yeezus, but obviously the first thing I thought of was Jesus… as in our lord and savior… RIGHT? (I’m not too big on religion, but I do acknowledge the fact that I am Jewish and I respect people who are religious. My friend at school is very religious and I give her props). Kanye West, like almost any celebrity in this day and age, is obsessed with his image and thinks that he is above everyone. So when I found out the name of the album was Yeezus, I was like, “Classic Kanye.” It suits him, the guy is in love with himself.

I’m not as music savvy as I am film savvy, so this review is gonna be short and sweet. I liked the way it sounded a lot, and the words that West uses are great. Is it his best album? Not by a long shot. Graduation (2007), in my opinion (and just about every one of my friends’ who are Kanye West fans), is his best album.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Definitely give it a listen if you are a fan of West. You won’t regret it.

Black Skinhead is probably my favorite song on the album so far, but that is subject to change after more listens.



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