Discover your next favorite up and coming band: Defining Chase

Everyone knows of my love for blink 182, and as a result the other day I was sent a cover of one of their songs “Boxing Day” by a band called Defining Chase. Needless to say, I was blown away with the cover! It is amazing! The ability of the group to take the song and turn it into their own while maintaining the essence of the tune is outstanding!

Original Song:

Defining Chase Cover:

Defining Chase is a rock band based out of Cambridge, MA and they are extremely talented! I actually went to high school with the lead singer, Adam Ciampi (he’s the one in with the hat in their cover video). Adam is extremely down to Earth and all throughout high school, his peers encouraged him to show off his vocal talent. It appears once he get to college, he did go on to explore this talent and as a result, is now part of Defining Chase.

Along with the covers they do, Defining Chase has also done original songs! One of which is featured on Itunes! Their originals sound something along the lines of the vocals from Jack Johnson to the jazzy and bluesy riffs from John Mayer.

Here is their first single:

Definitely give these guys a listen! You won’t regret it! There is so much potential with this group and I look forward to seeing what else they come up with! When I was talking with Adam the other day he asked if I wanted to hear any specific covers, so I’m sure if any of you out there would like to hear Defining Chase cover a song, let them know!

If you liked Defining Chase, let them know by liking their Facebook page here!



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