SMART move, Microsoft


It seems today that Microsoft has changed some policies regarding the Xbox One. There will be no required internet connection, no restriction on sharing used game discs, and no region locks. This has all been confirmed by Microsoft and can be seen in the IGN article listed at the bottom of this post.


Get your head in the game, Microsoft! These changes to the Xbox One seemed like a no brainer and I am surprised Microsoft took this long to bring them about. Whoever is in charge up there at Microsoft took their sweet time. Sony already landed a few sucker punches that are sure to have changed the minds of gamers as to which next-gen system they will be purchasing (including possibly, myself). I look forward to seeing the reaction (if any) of Sony to this news.

Despite the changes, there is still the issue of the fact that the Xbox One is $100 more than the PS4. There is also the fact that the creepy Kinect camera will be always watching me still kills the Xbox One for me.

With all that said, the console war wages on and I am still undecided as to which one I would prefer. It will be interesting to see if other changes come about before the release of these consoles.


IGN article:

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