Golden GEICO Commercials

I love advertising.

I love print, video, interactive websites, and just about every form of advertising there is. (This would make sense, seeing as I am going to school for it.) So, when I see a truly creative ad that really sticks out from the crowded realm of advertisements, I can’t help but appreciate it. I was even talking with my grandfather the other day about how most ads on television now-a-days seem to blur together and not really stand out. That being said, I have just disocovered one of me new favorite ads.

GEICO has come through this time with one of my new favorite television advertisements. In their “Happier Than” ad campaign, GEICO has come up with some pretty amusing and creative commercials, but this has been my favorite so far. When I first saw it, I had no idea what it was for or where it was going, but by the end of it I wanted to watch it again. The thought of Paul Revere using a cell phone in place of his famous night ride was extremely clever and witty. It fit perfectly with GEICO’s campaign as you see Revere going back to his game of charades once he finished his important task.

Along with the Paul Revere ad, another one of my favorite commercials was the one seen here with the camel:

I will admit that some of these ads are better than others. A lot of the GEICO ads in the past I haven’t really cared for (for example, the annoying ones with the little pig), but these newer ads have got me hooked. I look forward to seeing what else GEICO will come up with for this campaign.

If you agree or disagree with me, let me know in the comments!

Anyways, hope these ads gave you a laugh!




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