The Superman movie we’ve been waiting for? A Review of Man of Steel (2013)


As the months turned to days before Man of Steel hit theaters, I slowly got less excited for this movie. I kept thinking it was overhyped and that because Christopher Nolan was producing it, that it was going to be too much like his Batman trilogy. I was both proven right and wrong in this circumstance.

The opening of the movie, on Krypton, was AMAZING. Krypton looked like it should look like. Like if they made a movie based on the Mass Effect video games, it should look like this. I could have sworn Shepard uses one of the guns that Jor-El had in his hands. The CGI was incredible, quite possibly better than anything Avatar (2009) ever produced.

When Kal/Clark first dons the Superman costume and is walking in the snow, I had the BIGGEST smile on my face. I was thinking to myself, “This is what people have been waiting for.” There is one long shot of superman walking with the sunlight in the background and it was probably my favorite shot of the whole film. His reaction when he first flies is undoubtedly what anyone’s reaction would be, “HOLY #$%& I’M FLYING!”

It’s really the second half of the movie that lost me. All of a sudden, General Zodd comes out of nowhere and now Superman’s like, “I gotta surrender myself to the human race.” The next thing you know, EVERYTHING IS EXPLODING. The action in the second half of the movie is… Ridiculous to say the least. Like it was entertaining, watching Superman literally punch people through buildings and what not, but it got a little repetitive, not gonna lie. Again, like on Krypton, the CGI was incredible.


Henry Cavill as Superman was indeed the Superman we’ve been waiting for. The guy does indeed fit the part; and considering his British background, he did a splendid job covering that up with an American accent. Amy Adams is Amy Adams. She’s gonna kill it in any role she’s in, and look good doing it. I’m happy they made Lois Lane a more active female presence in this movie, rather than the whole damsal in distress ordeal that people like Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man movies suffered from. I enjoyed Morpheus I MEAN Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White, but I can’t help but feel he wasn’t developed enough. Like I really didn’t care about him at all in this movie. Michael Shannon was great as General Zodd. I’ve never seen him in anything other than that video where he reads the sorority letter but one of my friends said he plays that role in everything he’s in. Didn’t bother me!

Speaking of General Zodd, I was SO happy when they said he would be  the villain of this movie and not Lex Luthor. Lex is overused. Yes, Kevin Spacey was great as him in Superman Returns (2006) but we didn’t need ANOTHER Superman movie with Lex as the villain. Save him for bigger and better thing. I mean come on, he’s the greatest criminal mind of our time!

Also, Hans Zimmer is probably God in musician form. The music in this movie is UNBELIEVABLE. I’m downloading the soundtrack as we speak.

To sum it all up, I thought the first half of Man of Steel was perfect, but the second half was lost to too much action and not enough plot development. Is it better than Superman Returns? Yes and no. Superman Returns had all of the comic lore that us nerds love. More Clark Kent wearing glasses and being awkward, but then ripping his shirt open and taking off the glasses. I wanted more of that in Man of Steel. Like is it bad to say I wanted LESS Superman? I love seeing Superman put on HIS mask and be Clark Kent. However Man of Steel DEFINITELY makes up for the lack of action in Superman Returns along with that edginess it was trying to capture. If you combined the two movies, you’d have the perfect Superman movie (And keep Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. Nothing against Gene Hackman… But Spacey is just better).

Overall rating: 7/10

It’s a great action movie with a fantastic first half; but IN MY OPINION (I can’t stress that enough), it lacked some of the key elements to what defines Superman. It certainly isn’t the greatest superhero movie of all time. In my opinion, that’s Spider-Man 2 (2004); but that’s a blog post for a different day (Foreshadowing!). Maybe it was the hype. Hype kills movies to be honest. Happens all the time these days.



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