Console War 2013: PS4 leads in my book


Drew has been keeping you all up to date on the Xbox One, so I thought today I’d explain my standpoint at this stage in the Console War, and why I’m siding with the Playstation 4.

Hardware: The PS4 seems to be using the same graphic processing unit as a PC (8GB GDDR5 RAM), which is about 50% better than the GPU that the Xbox One is using (8GB of DDR3 RAM). The difference isn’t VAST. But all signs point to the PS4 having faster graphics memory, thus more beautiful displays.

Price: The Xbox One will be on sale for a whopping $499, while the PS4 will be priced at $399, $100 less! I mean that’s pretty big in my book. Being a basically broke college student, I’m always looking to save money, so when I see  two next-gen. consoles that differ in $100, it’s gonna turn heads.

‘Always on’: The Xbox One apparently will always be on and requires regular check ins…. Um, what if I’m away the power goes out? I’m not in a relationship with this thing. I shouldn’t have to check in with it on a daily basis. The PS4 doesn’t require anything like that. Also on a sidenote: the Xbox One requires 24/7 internet connection, whereas the PS4 lets you play games regardless of your online status. Like what if the interwebs are down? I can’t play? I could always play GTA IV on my Xbox 360 regardless of connection. Same goes for Uncharted on the PS3.

Used games: Because the Xbox One requires you to install games onto your console like this is your first computer from 1997, used games are essentially nonexistent for this console, which means friends cannot lend games to their friends either. Microsoft has stated that publishers can choose to allow games to be traded at specific retailers, but a fee will be required. So you pay at least $60 for a game (assuming game prices aren’t raised) and then pay AGAIN to trade it? That is so not Raven! Sony answered concerns about whether or not this would be an issue with this short yet powerful commercial:

The unofficial score of Sony and Microsoft competition: I mean I’m most likely not gonna get either system for another year. I don’t know I have a friend who wins competitions like, every week. Maybe she’ll win one and give it to me… Or she’ll just keep it for herself, who knows? But as of right now, with better graphics, offline playability, and the ability to exchange games, the PS4 is indeed winning the console war at this point. Backwards compatibility is non-existent on both consoles, so loyalty to a certain console is also done. One will not need to buy an Xbox One because they wanna keep playing their Xbox 360 games. They won’t play on the Xbox One. Same goes with the PS4 and playing PS3 games.

Of course, none of this matters to me right now because the only thing I have my eye on is this September.

Until then, nothing else matters.



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