The joys and pains (mostly pains) about not having a smartphone


As some of you may know, I don’t own a smartphone. This seems to be a rarity now-a-days, especially among the younger generations. You may be questioning “why DON’T I have a smartphone?” Am I trying to be hipster? Do I think its cool? No. I simply can’t afford the data package of $340593450.00 a month that comes along with one.

That aside, since some of you out there may not remember what it is like to not own a smartphone, I have compiled a list over the past few days that accurately outlines my daily struggles.


  • I can’t use the internet anytime I want to.
  • My phone can’t do half of the things that yours can.
  • I don’t get the latest social crazes like Vine or Snapchat on my phone.
  • I can’t use a GPS when I’m lost in the car. (I never get lost anyways so HA)
  • I can’t read up on Twitter or Facebook whenever I want to. (This could also be a pro.)
  • I can’t watch movies on my phone.
  • I can’t read this awesome blog on my phone.
  • I can’t buy things from my phone.


  • I can throw my phone on the ground and not care if it gets a scratch on it. (hell yeah, plastic phones!)
  • My battery life lasts triple the amount of time your phone does and I don’t need to constantly charge it.
  • No expensive data plan.
  • My phone is a third of the size of yours. ( I guess this could be a pro or con)
  • I am probably not getting the same amount of small radiation from my phone that you are.
  • It costs $4.00 to replace my battery if I feel like it is getting a bit weak.

The list for cons could go on and on and on, but I think you get the gist of it because chances are you have a smartphone.

Somehow I manage to cope with these struggles on a daily basis. Perhaps one day I will have a smartphone and I can be just as cool as the rest of you. Until that day comes, I stick to my low-budget phone and not have to worry about keeping a case on it or the back or front of it shattering.



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