Casinos are designed to make you lose money… right?


A couple of nights ago some of my friends and I went to Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI. I had never been to a casino before so I had no idea what to expect. Even though I had never been to a casino before, I did know one thing (or at least I thought I did): they are designed to take your money and make you keep paying (and that is exactly what happened to some of my friends, including Reed).

With that in mind, I brought about 30 bucks and told myself if I ran out, I would stop there.

Four hours later, and only having risked $5.00, I had accumulated a gross profit of about $85.00. Not too bad for a $5.00 investment.

You may be asking how I accomplished such a magnificent feat? Well, it could have been a combination of luck, skill, and determination. OR, it could have just been the plain dumb luck alone that I had when I was risking it big time at the penny slot machines.

Reed, as well as others, was not so fortunate during our time at the casino. One of us, however, was extremely fortunate enough to make over $200 that night. Those of us who had made a profit were quite happy during the car ride back; those of us who had lost, were not so amused.

Overall, the casino was fun and was worth throwing down $5 on the line to see what could happen. You have to go into the place assuming you are going to lose and as a result you will be pleasantly surprised if you strike it big. My one piece of advice would be to not throw huge bets down on one hand like one of our counterparts did. Your night will end quickly and you’ll be stuck in the secondhand smoke-infested building watching everyone else throw their money down the drain.

Casinos can be fun, but be responsible. Be smart with your money.



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