A quick update on the Xbox One

good joke

So I just learned the new Xbox One will be priced at $500 this upcoming November.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? Can you say “waste of money’?

Looks like I won’t be getting one of these (not that I really wanted one anyways), for at least two years when the price drops a few hundred dollars. I can think of a thousand better purchases you could make with $500.

Just thought I would share this bit of information!

Anyways, hope everyone’s Monday is going well!


For the Xbox One review: https://werenotsorry.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/the-xbox-one-meh/


Also, I just found this. Absolute RIOT. Go Sony.


4 responses to “A quick update on the Xbox One

  1. Has to go online once each 24 hours and will make you pay to play rented or used games. Pretty smart, heh, Microsoft?

  2. Yeah… I think in the end Microsoft has the better concept, but its corporate policies crazy pricing and just stupid execution with XBox One’s Reveal have done significant damage and killed alot of the potential for the system

  3. drews blog is too good for my posts so he just deletes them when they dont agree with his points

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