“The Purge”, should be purged from theaters itself

The Purge NO

Usually Reed does the movie reviews but, this movie was awful and I had to write one.

Since I had seen the first trailer of The Purge I had fallen in love with the concept of the movie and wanted to see how it would play out.

Five minutes into the movie, I KNEW how it was going to play out. This movie was more predictable then the fact that the sun will rise in the morning. Aside from the predicability of the film, the acting wasn’t too great either. Having recently seen Sinister, I thought Ethan Hawke did a fairly good job in the film, so I looked forward to seeing him in The Purge. Although he wasn’t bad in it, he wasn’t as good as he was in Sinister. Lena Headey was not as nearly as good as she is in Game of Thrones. As for the other actors, they were a bunch of no-names that didn’t impress me either.

Maybe I’m in the wrong here, but from watching the trailers alone, I had also gone in with the impression that the movie would be somewhat scary. Nope. The audience was laughing during parts of the movie that were meant to be serious.

This movie had an interesting concept but was horribly, and I mean HORRIBLY, executed. If you are thinking of going to see this movie, don’t. It is not worth the $7.50 or whatever you would go to pay to see it in theaters. If you are truly interested in it, regardless of what this review says, then at least wait for it to come out in Redbox and have some friends over and you can all laugh at it together.

The best part of the movie by far, was the villain. I don’t even know his name, but he was creepy and well played. They should have just made the movie about him.

The Purge also reminded me heavily of Panic Room (2002)Panic Room was also much better done.

Overall I would give it a 4/10. 

Great concept. Poor execution. Poor acting. Very predictable.

Save yourself some time and money and don’t bother with this one. If you’re looking to go see a movie in theaters right now, check out Now You See Me.



4 responses to ““The Purge”, should be purged from theaters itself

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  2. The first movie wasn’t all that great, I have to agree. But now, having seen the second one I have to say the first of the two just felt like a introduce to what was to come. The concept is truly interesting, and if there will be any more movies like the second one I’m very intrigued to see what they’re gonna do with it.

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