Discover your new favorite coffee shop: Andyman


I’m a man who needs his iced coffee in the morning. I’m about that French vanilla life and thought I was cool because I ordered my coffee with, “Lots of cream, lot’s of sugar,” like The Wolf from Pulp Fiction (1994)… Don’t ever order your coffee like that it tastes terrible and your friends will make fun of you.

I am a counselor at a summer camp called Camp Bauercrest which is in Amesbury, MA. Since I am around little children all day entertaining them and engaging with them, I obviously need a pick me up every once in a while, which is where the iced coffee comes in. Well down the street from my camp, like a mile away (maybe less, I don’t know I never calculated the distance), there is a coffee shop named Andyman.

Andyman has a wide selection of coffees that you can get iced or hot… or iced if you’re not lame. They have french vanilla, brownie toffee, mocha cinnamon swirl, blueberry, and tons more. They also have many variations of tea and smoothies.

Andyman also offers bagels and sandwiches that are so filling, you’ll find your money well spent. I prefer the bacon egg and cheese because the egg part is like, LEGIT EGG. Not like the excuse for egg over at Dunkin Donuts.

They also specialize in pastries such as cakes and cookies. They have this M&M cookie that just melts in your mouth, and your heart.

… And the award for worst sentence in this blog’s history goes to this guy…

If you ever find yourself north in Massachusetts in the Merrimack area, head over to Amesbury and walk into Andyman. Only one of my friends from home has had the privilege of being taken here by me and I can assure you she was very satisfied with their quality.


PS They just added a second register so the line goes way faster now.


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