Shopping advice (from a guy’s perspective)

Man Shopping for Jeans

The other day I had a revelation.

I realized I needed to go shopping. (no, that was not the revelation. That comes later.)

So, I began to make a list in my head of all the things I needed to go get. I came up with a list of primarily shorts and t-shirts… what a shocker. I planned on making a trip to the mall the next day to get this accomplished. I wanted to get this done as efficiently and quickly as possible. I realized, however, I was simply just going to go into the mall and probably pick out 4 different versions of a color of t-shirt that I probably already have 6 of at home.

THEN, came the revelation.

I should bring one of my girl friends shopping to expedite the process.

Girls love to shop, have knowledge of what is stylish, and they are keen at finding bargains. PERFECT, all of the things I am awful at, they can do for me. Sure I can buy clothes by myself, but perhaps the selection would be more interesting with input from the female gender. So, I shot a text to two of my friends and asked them if they wanted to make the journey to the mall the next day. Naturally, they did.

After the mall trip had concluded, I had a variety of different clothing options I would have been blind to if I had gone by myself. Since they were my friends, they knew my style and personality and did everything for me. All I had to do was set them free in the mall and relax.

As a disclaimer: I don’t hate shopping. I just hate the time it takes to browse through all the clothes and find things that work well together.  If I can have someone else I trust do it for me, then why not?

I gave this advice to Reed the other day. To the guys out there, I suggest this method to shopping. It’ll save you time and effort as long as you pick someone you trust to get it done and it will and you’ll look good once its all over.



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