It’s Arrested Development: A review of Season 4


Wow, Just wow.

I have been a longtime fan of the show, Arrested Development. Each time I re-watch the series I find myself in love with a new character. The first time was Tobias, the second Gob, and the third Lucile. The show hits you in different ways each time you watch it. You also pick up on more and more gags and jokes.

After watching the new season over the past few days I gotta say it was great to see the Bluth family back on television (or back via Netflix… depends on how you wanna put it). I laughed as hard as ever and was very pleased by some returning characters as well as the guest stars. The music and random audio clips (Mr. F!) were right there as they always have been, and Ron Howard narrating (and ironically guest starring) was perfect.

The way the season plays out is basically it tells you what happened with all the characters between the end of season 3 (the last season) and now, and then it goes into a present day plotline. The season is basically one big episode and it is told from the perspectives of all the characters.

For me, Gob’s two episodes were the best ones. I had not laughed that hard in the longest time. His episodes also dealt with some controversial content. I really couldn’t see Fox airing an episodes like his. George Michael and Tobias also had really good episodes. I loved older Michael Cera in this series, I thought it was great to see him play a slightly more mature, yet just as awkward George Michael.

Some minor gripes I had with season 4: I had with this new season was the plot was a bit convoluted at times. It was convenient that they would go back to the same plot point from a different character’s perspective so that I could basically be reminded what exactly is going on. It was confusing to have George Sr. and Oscar, his twin brother looking EXACTLY alike (Oscar usually has longer hair). I sometimes could not differentiate whether it was one or the other. George Sr’s episodes in general were a little bland. I would have rather had Lucille or Buster have two episodes rather than him. I also wish there were more scenes with the ENTIRE family together. There are only two instances, really, when this happens. And I didn’t think the ending was good. It was very underwhelming

But all of this can really be pushed aside because when I watch Arrested Development, I don’t watch because it’s, “Thought provoking,” or a, “Tour de force.” I watch it because it’s downright hilarious and it makes me laugh.

Hopefully they get the green light to a movie, because it is very apparent that this is what they are building towards throughout this season.

Overall rating: 8.5/10

It was indeed, Arrested Development.


PS I totally forgot how hot Isla Fisher was.


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