I am here to clear up a rumor

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The other day at work (Chipotle, for those who don’t know), I was asked to create an item that was located on the “secret menu”. So I said, “Sure! Oh wait…”


For those of you who may have been under the impression that there was a secret menu at Chipotle, there isn’t. I even clarified with my manager. Apparently there have been youtube videos made advertising the items on said “secret menu”. I created the item for the customer anyways, but only after I was informed as to what it actually was.

If you go into a Chipotle restaurant, you will not find a secret menu. Even if you go into the back and look inside the safe, you won’t find a secret menu.

On a side note.

If you come into Chipotle at the peak of lunch hour and ask for some random item that the crew has never heard of, I can almost guarantee you that: A) They will have no idea what you are talking about or B) they will tell you they dont want to hold up the hold line and will tell you they can’t make it for you at that time. BUT, if you were to to come in at an obscure hour (say, 3:00?), perhaps they will have time to create whatever imaginative item you have come up with.

An example of an item on the menu would be the quesarito. The quesarito is essentially a burrito made from a quesadilla. A tortilla with melted cheese that is then used to create a burrito. So, if you’re looking to quadruple your dairy intake for the day, perhaps this item is for you.

So, if you’re looking to try something new or have a creation of your own, try going into Chipotle at an obscure hour when we aren’t busy and we’ll see if we can accomodate your request.




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