Is this still a thing?

Last night when I was perusing the very interesting stories throughout my Facebook news feed, I stumbled across this post:

Why is this still a thing

Why is this still a thing?

I almost just kept scrolling through, but then I thought to myself: WHY IS THIS STILL A THING?

Sure, we may have all had our phases in high school playing Farmville or Robot Unicorn Attack, but why is this fad still happening? I literally  could not care at ALL if you are beating up giant spiders and trolls on Swordquest 18 or whatever you are playing. I honestly had no idea that people were still playing these games, especially that of the people I am “friends with” on Facebook.

I understand if you play video games. Everyone in the world does. Everyone has an Xbox and plays Call of Duty from time to time. But why are you playing video games on Facebook and why are you letting all of your friends know? Newsflash: NO ONE CARES. If you’re going to play them, don’t clog up my newsfeed with the latest boss you just killed.

Word of advice: just stop playing them. You’re not helping yourself at all, you’re not making yourself very popular, you certainly won’t be landing any jobs wasting your time playing games, and if I had to guess, you’re probably lacking in vitamin D. Go outside, get some sunshine and stop making a fool of yourself.



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