I hate PDA


Public Display of Affection: Couples operate in public areas, and they display affection such as holding hands, kissing etc. They do this to rub it in single people’s faces that they don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend. (Urban Dictionary, 2003)

I have met two women in my life that have the same view on PDA as me: That it is appalling, rude, and just weird. Countless times, I have walked up and down the hallways of middle school, high school, and even college and found people just making out in the open or spooning on the grass as people walk by.

Have you no common courtesy? No one wants to see this. If I had a nickel for every time one of my friends and their significant other was just going to town at a bonfire or a party in a basement, I’d be one wealthy son of a gun.

I don’t need you to flaunt in front of me that you’re in a relationship and I am not. Cool, if we’re friends and you’re happy, then yes, I’m happy for you. But you don’t need to prove to me that you’re happy by playing tonsil hockey every chance you get.

Hand holding is personally something I don’t like, because my hands get sweaty and then that’s just awkward. But I am more lenient on that one. Except I don’t wanna hold your hand EVERYWHERE we go. I like to know that if I see something awesome at the mall or a carnival that I can scurry off like an eight year old, and not have to worry that I’ll pull you along and make you eat **** as you go face first into the pavement.

Just, do your funny business on your own time, please. Not in front of your friends. It’s perfectly understandable for couples to want to have alone time together, so they can do these things without scarring their friends.


PS Soon I’ll go on a rant about cuddling and how it is the worst invention ever.


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