This One Goes Out to the Designers

I’ve been known to dabble in the world of graphic design from time to time. I enjoy the field and have always found it interesting. I have even done design work for various organizations around Roger Williams University. Despite all this, I have always had one problem with graphic design.


(here comes the rant)

I will go on the record here saying that I HATE doing sketches for any design work. I have always found the process of doing sketches to be extremely pointless and a gargantuan waste of time. When a design teacher assigns 60 sketches of one logo, I don’t even know where to begin. Sure, I have a few initial ideas and I can jot them down. But after the first 10 or maybe 15 ideas, I’m all out. I have never and will never think of a better idea for a design once I already have the ideas set in my head. My graphic design II honors teacher in high school told me that the point of doing 60 sketches for one logo was to rid my head of all the ideas I had and to push myself further until I cant think of anything else. She was wrong (as she was for most things related to graphic design). Though this point may be valid for some, that is not how it works for me pal.

I would much rather be sitting down at a computer messing around with the pen tool in Illustrator until I come up with something. Part of the reason I like graphic design so much is because a lot of it is computer-based and I don’t have to draw. I am AWFUL at drawing and am trying to express my creative side without having anything to do with drawing. Making me draw 60 versions of the same thing is not going to help me in any way.

Again, I am sure not all designers feel this way and sketching may be a very useful tool to express ideas. Sadly, I will never feel the same way and perhaps all the time I wasted doing sketches could have prevented me from creating some beautiful masterpiece of a design.

For comedic purposes, I included some logo sketches that I made back in high school. NONE of which actually proved to be of any use and NONE of which made it to the final version of the project.



For any of you non-designers out there, I am sorry if you just read through my whole rant and you were not able to relate to anything I said. At the least, I hope it was somewhat entertaining for you in one way or another.



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