The Xbox One….? Meh.


So I just got done watching the reveal of the new xbox system, the Xbox One. All I have to say is… THAT’S IT?!

First off, I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore gamer, so my review is based solely off the casual gamer’s point of view.

After hearing the countless rumors of the new “Xbox 720” and all of the random new features it would have, I was slightly disappointed. First off, the XBOX ONE?! What? Are we regressing here? 360 to one? Pshh…

I will admit, the new system looked outrageously sleek and cutting edge, but am I the only one who expected more? Sure, there were a couple of fancy new features that were intriguing. For example, the integration with fantasy leagues for sports alongside the real players playing on ESPN is pretty cool. The Xbox One also puts a lot of emphasis on the video camera and Kinect features. Sure, the new camera with all its fancy pixels and what not is impressive, but I feel like most of this has been done before. The voice control was cool too, but how lazy are you that you can’t click the button on the remote to watch TV? The current Kinect already boasts a majority of these features, given that they may not be as defined and perfected as the new system, the features are nothing  too exciting or new. (Also, am I the only one who thinks that the fact that my video game system can easily tell where my face is at all times is creepy? It probably knows what I ate for dinner too)

The Xbox One also boasts a few billion transistors, which I guess is a good thing? (Seeing as I know nothing about electrical engineering)  I do know however, know that the 8 GB of RAM is a good thing.

Aside from the hardware specs, I will admit the new system’s graphics looked good. Although, this was to be expected. No one is going to buy a new system that does not have better graphics than the last. So, the newly improved graphics were no surprise. Besides that, what else is left?

Sure, the new games will be exciting, immersive, and expensive, but I wanted MORE. We’ve waited how many years for this system to come along? It doesn’t seem very groundbreaking or like I had imagined it would be. This could be the fault of my over ambitious thoughts, but I thought there would be more. I may be missing some key features, but these were just my initial thoughts. I am also not an expert in this field, simply a consumer providing his thoughts on the new system.

I guess we’ll have to wait for E3 to see more of the system and what it can do, but my initial impression of the new Xbox was poor. I’ll be sticking with the 360 for a while and not shelling out $9,435,734.39 for the new system. Overall, the new system is cool and maybe after the initial hype wears off, I’ll come to appreciate the new Xbox in a different way.

I’m still waiting for the new system that will project into my living room and have holographic things flying all over the room causing mayhem and destruction. Until then I guess I’ll have to just stick with the new Xbox One’s crystal clear camera staring at me and knowing how fast my heart is beating. (Yes, it can actually do that)

That is all.



4 responses to “The Xbox One….? Meh.

  1. I like the article and understand how you feel let down. I felt that way too at first. My question would be what were you expecting? The surface has just been scratched thus far so we still do not know what it can do. This conference was a general overview of what this new system is. XBox 360 was a big move, but still part of a singular idea for the medium. XBox One seems to be something entirely different. The gaming aspect is but one part of the whole now. Microsoft is kind of changing the game by creating a new concept where Television, Cinema, Gaming, music and the WEB are all accessible through one portal. Through this new system, these mediums are bonding to become channels. These channels now offer us entertainment, art, thrill and stories and can be easily accessed in a new way that incorporates both analogue and multisensory (Kinect hand movement) technology. In reality it is a perfect new step for Millennials and our increased bond with technology. It is clear that the future of entertainment is more than just a game console, but a singular portal to multiple channels, gaming tv movies etc. and is all fluidly useable and accessible using the newest technologies and the older.
    Remember a console is like a Blueray player or a projector. The prime objective is to read a disk, and be able to decode and project it on the screen. The add on features like the Kinect and the array of features it offers add to what the system can potentially do. The games and the creativity of the studios are tasked with utilizing these tools to make art, thrills, innovation and so on. The 360 was amazing because it was a new ideas on an old devise and a new way to express the medium for us. We had the xbox, which was also revolutionary, but since the xbox in 2001 the only real big innovations have been xbox live and market place, continuous graphics updates, the Kinect, and processor speed and so on. What we remember are the games, those are created by others. The console is the delivery system only, don’t shoot the messenger.
    The name is One because it is the first of a new type of machine. The Xbox 360 is incorporated in this system. It is like the Iphone. It was not the Ipod 4 Now with cellular capabilities; it is a new thing and therefore deserves a new designation. This new machine is incredibly exciting as from my perspective it is the future of all media, in an entertainment from now, but eventually informative as well. It allows more cross media that has never been able to be effectively utilized. HBOGO has it, but it is not nearly as effective or expansive as this new system will be. Imagine the ability to watch the new Halo Tv Show (told you Forward Unto Dawn was a starting point) and be able to simultaneously look up character bios, or even play the battles and further immerse yourself in the process. It is new and scary sure but it is so cool as well. This may be the start of a whole new way to engage the television screen and soon I don’t think a tradtional stop and watch format will exist. Soon it will all be interactive and hyperactive (keep that in mind as an up and coming advertiser my friend).
    Over all keep this in mind that this in no longer than just a gaming system, it is a 360 from the Xbox 360. Be open to it because our kids may be reading in future history text books how Microsoft stated the whole new age way of engaging with media.
    Just some thought on the matter.

    Your RWU Buddy Chris

    • You make valid points. I agree with almost all of them.

      Maybe I was just too focused on the fact that I wanted the improvements to be purely focused on gameplay. After all, pretty much the only thing I use my Xbox for is to play Call of Duty, or something along those lines. As I stated at the beginning, I’m just a casual gamer and therefore probably wouldn’t find much gratification about the many new media features Xbox One has to offer. Perhaps my opinion may change. Only time will tell.

      • And like I said, the Xbox is only an projector, and it offers more room than designers right now can fill, which means it will be able to offer improvements for a long time. It is up to the game producers to improve game-play. Besides processors, ram, and other specs, the only other technological things to make it seem more flashy like that wall projector thing people were taking about would be eventually be seen as tacky and lose their power. Then it would be just dead weight on the system. Finally the fact that it is XBox One and they have already patented names through XBox Eight to me means that they have a lot up their sleeves they are not just going to pour out at once. It could be following an apple timeline, and remember IPhone 5 is a great and powerful Phone, not as flashy as 4 or 4s, but still good. I would rather have actual beneficial flashy features rather than tacky flashy features that become useless after a while. It may seem fat free now but we will be more comfortable with it later.

  2. What Chris said about it is right….thats why its Xbox One, not a regression, but the One system for everything. And lower your expectations this was a hardware reveal, not a game demonstration, thats E3.

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