Second post… am I already slacking?





So, tonight I had planned to post something (other than my initial introduction post), to the blog to give ya’ll something to read. Well, it turns out I was busy all night and didn’t have the time to write a post. So, instead I am sharing a few pictures of some star gazing some friends and I did back during spring break. I would have gone out and taken some new pictures tonight, but its far too cloudy and my camera battery is dead (or in other words I am simply slacking off).

The pictures were long exposures from about 15 to 30 seconds. The different colors were a product of different values put in for the white balance. The rest was just all from the picture. No manipulation with any programs afterwards.

I dont have much else to say besides the fact that the pictures can speak for themselves. The last picture was actually a failed firework we set off before we left. Obviously it didn’t go off as we expected and actually just shot into the water…

Again, I apologize for already beginning to slack off with this whole blog thing. Maybe I will get the hang of it eventually? Probably not. I look forward to being able to take even more long exposures of the stars this summer!


– Drew


The lines and streaks in the sky were DEFINITELY some sort of UFOs, NO question about it. My friends had the AUDACITY to suggest that they were simply planes flying in the night sky. Pshhh, what do they know?

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