First Post: What is Going on Here?

The iconic bridge that neighbors Roger Williams University.

The iconic bridge that neighbors Roger Williams University.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our new blog, We’re Not Sorry! We’re Not Sorry is a blog about anything and everything. Literally anything at all that we feel like posting will be posted. Before you continue reading, I would like to assure you that this blog is a “no-nonsense” blog and I will not be wasting your time with philosophical postings that no one actually cares about. I will be getting right to the point about whatever I am blogging about and I hope you enjoy my insight into these topics.

Without further delay: I present my first post, a sort of tribute if you will, about a small liberal-arts school named Roger Williams University located in Bristol, RI.

I was a communications student at Roger Williams University, or RWU for short, for two years (2011-2013) before deciding to transfer out to pursue studies in advertising at Syracuse University. Since I will no longer be returning to RWU, I felt it would be fitting to post some sort of tribute to my two years at the school. As much as I am looking forward to Syracuse next year, RWU was a great place with great people and part of me will miss it.

Without dwelling on the past, here is piece that I created that is undoubtedly one of the most iconic aspects to life at RWU.

Here’s to the future! Thanks for everything RWU!


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